Sleep on it! How #doonadays help productivity

Yarnoers can opt for a Doona Day, any day, twice a year, no questions asked. Why? Because sleep, as it turns out, is a big predictor of work-life success, health and happiness.

Anika McLaren, 4 minute read
Anika McLaren
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The Buzz on Yarno

Is there a buzz in the air? That's right - we're buzzing with excitement about our new partnership with Rooftop Bees!

Ellie Doyle, 3 minute read
Ellie Doyle
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Tapping Into Great Content; Practicing What You Preach

I haven’t been at Yarno for long, but one word that has stuck out to me is ‘authenticity’. I’d consumed so much content on the website, so I was really keen to learn their philosophy on content creation. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far.

Jack Turner, 3 minute read
Jack Turner
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Secret diary of a recent (remote) onboardee

A remote onboarding experience is so unique. I’m someone who thrives on having people around me, so being onboarded remotely was daunting. But frankly, starting at Yarno has been a breath of fresh air.

Ellie Doyle, 5 minute read
Ellie Doyle
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Why we're not a high-volume, low-cost learning tool

Yarno sits somewhere between software as a service and consultancy. We're here to help you reach your goals. Here's how.

Courtney Dutton, 7 minute read
Courtney Dutton
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Culture is collective

Company culture is developed by the many, not the few. It takes the whole team to make a company somewhere you really want to work.

Sanki Tennakoon, 5 minute read
Sanki Tennakoon
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Your comprehensive guide to building a fantastic communications plan

Giving visibility to Yarno across an organisation prior to launch is crucial to ensuring immediate engagement with the tool and the realisation of value.

Eliza Scott, 3 minute read
Eliza Scott
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How to keep employees interested and committed to your business goals

It's in your interest to keep your employees interested. Engaged employees are the ones that stick around and add to, rather than subtract from, your bottom line.

Mo Abdelrahman, 4 minute read
Mo Abdelrahman
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Turning phone off

Why I turned my phone off for 5 whole days

I took a brave leap into the abyss at the end of 2020...I turned my phone off for a full 5 days.

Mark Eggers, 1 minute read
Mark Eggers
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New Yarnoer alert!

We recently asked our new customer success manager the tough questions, such as, who's funnier? Mark or Lachy?

Mark Eggers, 1 minute read
Mark Eggers
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Challenge your assumptions and seek to understand

We make assumptions all the time. This person did that just to annoy us; this other person is being lazy and that's why they didn't finish their work on time...

Mark Eggers, 1 minute read
Mark Eggers
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Remote work: nine-months in

We've been WFH at Yarno for 9 months now. So the question is: how are we doing?

Lachy Gray, 2 minute read
Lachy Gray
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We'd love to chat about how Yarno can benefit your business

Mark, our Head of Sales, will organise a no-obligation call with you to understand your business and any training challenges you’re facing. Too easy.