Product release notes: October 2021

Stephanie Price, 1 min read

A quick update today, but I wanted to share an exciting new feature we've just added to the app!

We're always looking out for opportunities to add more fun for our learners, and our most recent addition is a set of new animations to celebrate when learners reach key Yarno milestones.

Completing a Yarno campaign should be exciting for our learners, and by adding an animation when a learner completes the campaign, we're aiming to add to the excitement! Yarno's character Seneca comes along with the learner throughout the app - and when a campaign is completed, he blasts off! 🚀

And to celebrate learners' achievements, we've enhanced our existing badges with new animations. Our badges have been around for a while, rewarding learners who maintain a streak of correct answers or reach a certain level of campaign completion and performance - and now we've added movement, making them more exciting and hyping learners to continue to excel on their campaigns.

Stephanie Price

Stephanie Price

Steph is our product manager extraordinaire. She's turning Yarno into a world-class product one feature at a time. She keeps us on track while hearing out our big, and even wild, ideas.

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