Product release notes: November 2019

Bridget McMahon, 2 min read

Product release notes: November 2019

This product release is a bit of a biggie! We're always endeavouring to make Yarno easier to use and add more value to our customers, so we work hard to review and update product features regularly.

Recently we noticed something that's been causing some additional work for admins - inviting learners to a campaign that has already launched. To make the process a lot more user-friendly, we have added a brand new feature that we call the campaign invite URL. *awaits ooo-ing and ahh-ing*

Before explaining what it is, we should point out that this feature is not publicly available (we're sorry!), so if you read the rest of this and think "I must have this" then I'd encourage you to get in touch with your Yarno Customer Success Manager or contact us here for more information on how to enable it.

The campaign invite URL

When enabled, this feature gives you access to a URL when you launch a new campaign - see example below:

This URL is intended to be sent to learners post-launch. By clicking on the URL link, learners can then enrol themselves in that particular campaign at any point in time (once the campaign has started and until the campaign is over, of course). We do recommend that learners are still invited via the usual process and any additional learners can use the URL to sign up.

On navigating to the URL, learners will see a screen that looks like this:

From here, learners can enter their email so we know who's enrolling, and that you're ready to start answering some questions!

Ok... it's a bit more nuanced than that. Here's what you need to know:

  • Learners must sign in before they can enrol (if they're not signed in already)
  • Learners on other accounts can't enrol in your campaigns
  • New learners can create a new account from the page above and will need to verify their email before they can enrol

One of the best things about the way we've built this feature is that learners who are added to the campaign after the launch is that their questions will be generated immediately after confirming their enrolment in the campaign so people can start learning as soon as possible!

What's next?

At the moment we're working on an addition to the admin campaign dashboards - a team filter. With the click of a button (or two), you'll be able to scope dashboard stats, insights and leaderboards down to a single team so you can get more granular data on groups of learners within a campaign. Stay tuned for the next release!

Bridget McMahon

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