Hyperlearning experts webinar: Rupert Evill, cybercrime specialist

Courtney Dutton, 2 min read

Australia sits just outside the top 10 countries most vulnerable to cybercrime. But how real does cybercrime actually feel to you? Pretty real if the following stats (from 2019) are accurate:

  1. 73.9% of Australian businesses said they have suffered at least one cybercrime incident in 2019.
  2. The average cost to an Australian business is $2-3m (depending on which survey you rely on).
  3. 34% of data breaches involved internal actors.
  4. The typical breach takes 300 days to identify and contain.
  5. But (!) it’s not all hackers in hoodies. 45% of global cybercrimes involve hacking, the rest require some element of human involvement (errors, misuse, social engineering, physical access).

So what can you do about this 55% of attacks that involve more than just hacking? Data, controls, and an appropriate cybersecurity posture all help, but this is a human risk. You are specialists in working with people to solve your organisations problems, needs, and aspirations. You are perfectly placed to help manage this risk issue too. Social engineering especially – where people willingly or unwillingly perpetrate or enable cyber-attacks – needs the expertise and involvement of people who understand motives and rationalisation more than coding and algorithms.

In our upcoming webinar, we will look at typologies of risk, the perpetrators, some case studies, before considering what can be done by professionals, like you, to prevent, detect, and respond to the human side of cybercrimes. Hosted by Rupert Evill, cybercrime specialist, this webinar offers you the tools to identify and prevent data breaches.

Interested? Register here. The webinar kicks off 7 October 2020, 12 pm AEDT/9 am SGT.

About the host: Rupert Evill

Rupert has 19 years of experience managing risks, ethics, compliance, and crises across more than 30 sectors. Prior to founding Ethics Insight he worked in risk advisory roles, focusing on investigations, crisis response, and ethics & compliance advisory support. This included time working with government agencies combatting espionage (including state-sponsored cyber threats). Rupert started his career in counter-terrorism.

Rupert has augmented his professional experience with further studies in Behavioural Analysis and Investigative Interviewing. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner. Rupert was selected and trained by negotiators with more person-hours responding to crises than any other global agency, to respond to incidents (including extortion and kidnap) and deployed across Asia in the crucial first 48hrs of these operations, which included cyber-extortions.

Rupert uses this training and frontline experience – having seen what works and what doesn’t – to inform practical and effective guidance to help organizations better predict, prevent, adapt and respond to challenges. Rupert has operated in more than 40 countries. He is now based in Singapore and has lived in Asia for 10 years, after working across EMEA for a decade.


Register for Rupert's webinar here.

For more information on the Yarno Hyperlearning Experts webinar series, check out our overview post here.

Courtney Dutton

Courtney Dutton

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