EPIC CX case study: Warby's Eyewear

Mark Eggers, 1 min read

EPIC CX case study: Warby's Eyewear

For this week's EPIC CX casestudy, I'm focusing on a company who really knows how to create a delight the customer moment: Warby's Eyewear.

One day, Michael John Mathis accidentally left his Warby glasses on the train. Annoyed, he immediately bought himself another pair. However, a few days later he received a package in the mail. It contained two new pairs of Warby eyeglasses, a copy of "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac and a note which said:

"Hi Michael, This might be odd... but you sat across from me on the train ride from NYC to Boston a few weeks ago and left your glasses on the train! As luck would have it, I happen to be the GC of Warby Parker, and there is nothing I like more than a good mystery... I hope these find you in good health! (also, we noticed your lenses were scratched so we made you a fresh pair!) Sincerely, AK"

This might be a rare story with very specific circumstances but it also has a few lessons for customer service in general. First, it shows how important checking your ego is in customer service. As General Counsel, the glasses-gifter could have thought dealing with Michael's lost glasses was beneath him. But instead, he went out of his way to delight the customer, and, in the process, secured Warbly a customer for life and a raving fan.

The lesson? Customer service is everybody's job. It's so imperative that it permeates every role throughout a company, from the retail staff to the general counsel to the CEO.

Mark Eggers

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