A Customer Success Manager's tips to turn customers into raving fans

Eliza Scott, 3 min read

A Customer Success Manager's tips to turn customers into raving fans

At Yarno, the mantra of "Delighting the Customer" is cemented in our culture as a core value. We are constantly looking for new ways to give our customers an experience that not only helps achieve business goals and engage staff in a learning culture, but make it as simple and enjoyable as possible. Our commitment to customer success is premised on a belief that the customer must come first. This customer centricity is how we turn our customers into raving fans and here's some tips for how to do it:

Treat your customers like they're real people, because they are.

In order to create a personalised and meaningful customer experience, customer success managers (CSMs) must invest time upfront getting to know customers personally. A Yarno CSM loves being on the phone yarning to our customers about all things Yarno and otherwise. We want to know what challenges our customers face at work, what their long term goals are and, most importantly, what they got up to at the weekend.

This relationship building fosters an environment of trust, and helps us understand the industries and organisational structures that our customers operate within, so that we can position Yarno to be most effective within these. Plus, getting to know the people on the other end of the email chain makes the working week far more enjoyable for everyone.

We carry this mentality across to our end user support methodology, too. The Yarno support team does not see volume as an excuse to provide a cooker cutter, quasi automated experience for someone contacting us seeking assistance. Every ticket is an opportunity for us to highlight our professionalism while forging an approachable and authentic voice. Customers should leave the interactions with us feeling like they had a delightful experience with a person committed to customer satisfaction.


Yarno definitely isn't the only part of customers' working life and sometimes we aren't number one priority. Staying proactive and reminding customers that we're here to help whenever they're ready to run with a campaign is the best way to ensure success. We continue to find and position new use cases that suit different needs, so that when customers are ready to kick off their Yarno training journey, they can jump straight on and run with it.

This, paired with setting up and following through on regular touch points, both formal and informal, is where we drive progress for our customers. We also proactively let customers know about upcoming product improvements and how these could help to enhance their experience.

Closing the feedback loop

Soliciting for feedback from customers is how we find valuable insights from all levels of users, from learners to admins, through to account owners and subject matter experts. Once we collect feedback, our support team recognise, collate and respond to each and every piece of feedback we receive. We have an entire feedback channel in our internal communications where we share and discuss pertinent insights from customers. We circulate feedback amongst our customers about feedback we receive and drill into the needs that sit behind them. We want people who engage with us to know that they have been heard and this helps us to iterate our product and our content.

This shapes the direction of our product development, so that we are always developing a product not for ourselves, but for the people that are using it. Bringing customer feedback to product strategy and letting it inform our vision means we are aligned with our customers, and they'll continue to love working with us.

Do what is says on the tin... and some

Our customers sign up to Yarno on the promise that we'll embed business critical information and foster a learning culture in organisations. This looks slightly different for each business we work with, so the CSMs work with the customer to clearly define what success with Yarno looks like, early in the customer lifecycle. This shapes how we work with each customer to ensure we don't merely deliver, but we smash goals.

And once we do, it's important to...

Celebrate the wins!

The moment a customer signs with Yarno, we're a team. Customer success is not only the customers', it's ours!

There's Yarno: the tool, and it's great for sure, but Yarno is also the people who make up the fantastic offering that our customers love.

P.S. I've used the word customer 50 times in this article. If that doesn't prove customer centricity, I don't know what does.

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